Frequently Asked Questions About Us

Club house section (4)

Frequent questions about Club House.

How to find the Club House Studio in Hanoi?
It is located in the main street of My Dinh Song Da, Hanoi. The address is So 112-TT3 Tran van lai, My dinh, Hanoi.
How to be a member of Club House?
I know nothing about golf.
I wonder about the price to try the screen golf at Club House.

Screen golf section (4)

Frequent questions about Ok on Golf programs.

Is 'Ok on Golf' famous in the screen golf industry?
I would like to visit to take a look around its official home.
How to take a look at its business brochure?
Is the screen golf like a video game?
It is programmed by a playable, exciting AR and VR simulation system similar to video games.

Golf Lesson section (5)

Frequent questions about the lesson at Club House.

Are the golf teachers at Club House professionals global?
Yes. Every golf teacher, the tutors have plenty of global certifications and they have outstanding careers in the field of international organizations.
Does Club House have only professional teachers from Korea?
The price of Golf tutoring at Club House looks more expensive than the others.
Are they going to bring me for having an experience real golf field too?

License section (4)

Frequent questions about the license of Club House.

Does Club House have the other brunches in Vietnam, or the other countries around?
Some businesses about Club House brunches in Vietnam and Malaysia are working on it right now. We will up to date soon.
Can I get a brochure about Club House?
What benefits would a new business partner with Club House have?
I don't speak English or some other foreign languages. How I can talk about the Business items with?